Medicus Wines

Sometimes all you need is a good ol’ meaty pizza, great bottle of red wine and a movie marathon to guarantee the perfect movie in. Medicus’ 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon displays complex blackcurrant, mint and cedar flavours, giving the wine a beautiful, rich structure. The subtle oak aroma is brought out even more when complemented the cheesy, meaty goodness of any red base pizza or pasta dish.

As the colder months approach, Medicus’ Shiraz warms your body up from within. There’s nothing more comforting than lounging by the fireplace with a glass (or two) of this beautiful wine filled with berry and plum aromas with spicy notes of pepper on the nose. This wine can be enjoyed perfectly on its own or with a Porterhouse steak and pepper sauce.

Medicus’ Riesling Gewurztraminer is the perfect blend of fragrant floral, citrus and tropical notes. This aromatic wine carries lime and citrus flavours on the palate, enhanced even more when paired with seafood and dessert.

In fact, Gewurztraminer’s most ideal dessert pairing is actually a light panna cotta with fresh berries because the balance of the cream and fruit of the dessert brings out the complex perfume of the wine. A wine so versatile that it can be used for a seafood entrée, an Asian curry, and a delicious dessert? Yes please!

Photography by Jovian Hon

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