It is undeniable that the property market in Australia is one of the best markets in the world to invest in, particularly with the large influx of migrants coming in. Having one of the most advanced economies in the world, Australia’s GDP is expected to grow at 2.5% - 3% per year, making Australia an exceptional investment option. 


In addition to this, there has been an average of 7% annual growth in property prices over the last 40 years. That means that strategically investing in a property in a good location means that the property could double in value every 7 – 10 years. However, not every property will turn into a good investment and often inexperienced buyers make the wrong decision that could have been easily avoided with the right options. 


Injoy Finance is here to help you make that right decision and act as your personal Finance Manager. Speak to us today to discuss your options – for free! 


Helpful tips for investing in a successful property:

  • Stay up to date with the latest property trends. Our agents at Injoy Finance have years of experience observing the patterns of the Australian market and can help you make an informed choice.

  • Invest in paying extra on your home loan, as this will be beneficial in the long run. Every extra dollar you pay towards your home loan is a dollar you will never need to pay in interest again. 

  • Reinvest any tax rebates by making extra repayments into your investment loan

  • Hold your investment property for long term

  • Be aware of property market cycles. In Australia, there is a boom in the housing market every 5 – 7 years which means there are always high, low and steady patches to look out for.

  • Discuss your financial position and interest in property investment with an independent expert in taxation accounting or your financial advisor. Make sure that you are in a suitable financial position and stage in your life to afford repayments. Don’t let tax dominate your investment decision as the best investments work regardless of the tax benefits.

  • Maintain your investment property. Neglected properties fail to appreciate in value compared to well-maintained properties.

  • Buying investments in familiar areas. However, remember to keep an eye out for opportunities in other suburbs, towns or cities where the property cycle may be at a more favourable stage for investing. 

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