Business Visa

To be eligible for one of the provisional business visas, you must have:

  • a successful business or investment career; and

  • a genuine commitment to engage in business activities in Australia.

To be eligible, you must satisfy certain basic criteria, but there is no points test. The entry threshold for age, English language ability, business turnover or assets is lower for applicants who secure sponsorship from an Australian State or Territory Government.


Business people who have already established their business in Australia may be eligible for permanent residency under the Established Business in Australia category.


Applicants would need to show that they have had at least 10% ownership of an Australian business for at least 18 months.

Applicants must satisfy basic criteria and pass a points test which incorporates their age, English language ability, business attributes and net assets.


Do you qualify for a Business Skills Visa?

Contact us here to determine your eligibility across all four (4) Business Visa categories.

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